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University of Roehampton

University of Roehampton

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University of Roehampton

 University of Roehampton is located in the 3rd zone of London and consists of 4 faculties in a moderately large campus compared to other London universities. On campus you will also find the giant bookstore, an ambulance, and the hub of extracurricular clubs.

Roehampton is made up of 10 academic departments. It is mainly known for the "Human Rights" program through which students have the opportunity to be part of the UN Conference and the program is ranked 6th in terms of impact on society. Also, the "Criminology" program is ranked in the Top 20.

The university also has other programs which are: Business, Marketing, Drama, Performance and Classic Dance.

"Zona ku ndodhet universiteti eshte shume e qete dhe brenda ne kampus kemi cdo gje qe duhet. Jam shume e kenaqur dhe me sistemin akademik. E sygjeroj per te gjithe ata qe duan te jetojne ne Londer por jo ne pjesen me te zhurmshme si dhe te shkollohen nga nje universitet i akredituar" - Redona. studente nga StudyCare.


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