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Things to Consider When Choosing a University in Germany

Things to Consider When Choosing a University in Germany

Germany is a very popular destination for international students, and many of its universities are rated among the best in the world. The first thing you should decide when deciding to study abroad, whether in Germany or any other country, is which department and university will provide the best undergraduate education for you. You actually move closer to studying abroad when you can confidently and clearly respond to these two questions.

As in every country, universities in Germany are divided into public and private. The most prominent feature of state universities is that both their own citizens and international students do not have to pay any tuition fees to the school during their undergraduate education. This makes studying at university in Germany more popular.

System and Length of University Education in Germany

In Germany, the university education period lasts for three years. However, if you want to attend a public university in Germany, you must study German, and if your proficiency is insufficient, you must enroll in a 1-year preparatory program. Furthermore, private universities are an option if you want to study in English in Germany. Your IELTS score must be greater than 6.0 to be eligible for English education. You can finish your university studies in Germany in three years if you can demonstrate your proficiency in either German or English in the necessary foreign language exams.

What documentation is required for applications to German universities?

When applying to universities in Germany, there are necessary and required documents, just like in every other nation. These documents are available as follows.


  • High school diploma,
  • Transcript of the courses you attended in high school,
  • OSYM placement certificate is required. All these documents must be notarized and translated into German.
  • Motivational letter outlining your goals for attending that department and university.This article is written by the applicant, explaining why you want to study at that university and department. This article must be in German.

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