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University of Amsterdam

University of Amsterdam

About This Institution

University of Amsterdam

Ranked in the Top 40 best universities in the world, the University of Amsterdam comes with a variety of branches to choose from. The campus in the center of the city of Amsterdam gives you freedom of movement as well as the main attractions of the city. In the second year, all students have the opportunity to do an exchange year or an internship with the many companies that the university offers partnerships with. UVA is right for those who aim to have a guaranteed career after graduation.

The faculties of the University are divided into:

  1. Economics and Business
  2. Humanities
  3. Social and Behavioral Sciences
  4. Law

The university offers Foundation, Bachelor, Pre Master and Master programs.

The university is based on mathematics and every student must pass the university mathematics exam to be accepted. Also, students interested in Master's programs are required to take the GMAT, otherwise they can prepare for the GMAT at the university (Pre Master).

Amsterdam University is the first place where all large Dutch or international companies go to hire potential students.

Follow a quality education in the vibrant city of Amsterdam and boost your career for a bright future.

"Une ndoqa nje vit Foundation Year ne Economics dhe mund te them qe ishte vendimi i duhur pasi u pergatita sic duhet per universitetin, i cili nuk eshte i thjeshte per tu kaluar dhe per te dale me rezultate te mira. Ne Foundation kam mesuar shume rreth sistemit Holandez, jam parapergatitur per modulet qe do beja ne vitet ne vazhdim, si dhe kam permirsuar Anglishten ne nivelin qe me duhej per me vone. Nuk ishte aspak nje vit i humbur dhe nese kthehem mbrapa ne kohe, perseri do zgjidhja te ndiqja nje vit Foundation. Per sa i perket universitetit eshte i perkryer! Mesimdhenia, vendndodhja, stafi, internshipet, exchanget dhe cdo gje tjeter eshte zgjedhja me e mire qe mund te besh."- Sara nga Shqiperia


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