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Studying University in the USA

Studying University in the USA

You may want to choose to go to study in the USA for the beginning of a good academic life, quality education, traveling as you wish, enjoying your new social life and more. Studying at a University in the USA provides you all the opportunities in order for you to put aside your concern for the future and focus completely on your education and life. There are various options for getting an education in many student’s dreams, USA.

The most common of these options are to start a 4-year undergraduate education or getting a 2-year college education (Community College) and then completing 4-year undergraduate education at a university of your own choice. For the previous context, the most preferred method is to start undergraduate education in the USA with college education. The reason is being accepted to a college in the USA is an easier process than being accepted to 4-year undergraduate education. Additionally, after successfully completing your college education, being accepted for your 3rd and 4th years in other universities in the USA will be easier.

Your success in TOEFL, SAT exams and your success in your high school education plays a crucial role for you to be accepted from universities in the USA to start a 4-year university education directly. If your level of English is not sufficient enough for the TOEFL and SAT exams, you can get English Preparatory education at the university you apply to. Also, you can improve your English in Turkey on your own and make the necessary application to study in the USA.

Conditions for Studying in USA

There are a number of conditions and documents that must be met in order to study in the USA. The preliminary process for studying at a university in the USA may vary depending on the university and state you will apply to. Below  are the conditions for studying at a university in the USA.


  • High School Diploma,
  • Transcript,
  • Resumé,
  • IELTS and TOEFL Exam Results,
  • Reference Letters,
  • Application Fee,
  • License or Related Documents for Arts and Sports Departments,
  • Health and Dental Insurance Documents must be submitted.

Student Visa to Study in the USA

If you want to get an undergraduate education in the USA you must have an up-to-date student visa. For a university education, each student must have a US F1 student visa.

In order to get a positive reply for the US student visa application, it is useful to prepare the necessary documents carefully and completely for the visa. After applying for a US student visa, submitting missing documents while your visa is still under evaluation or the consulate requesting missing documents from the applicant may result in a negative result of the visa evaluation. US student visa applications are replied approximately in 1 week. Below are the documents you need to prepare when applying for a student visa. 


  • A passport that will remain valid throughout your education,
  • Documents of your financial situation,
  • Visa application fee,
  • Acceptance letter from the university that you will be studying,
  • Documents related to your education,
  • Diploma and student certificate,
  • Bank account statement,
  • Birth certificate,
  • Biometric photo,
  • Exam results that proves language proficiency (TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT)



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